• Type 1 Teens: A Guide to Managing Your Life with Diabetes, 2010

  • In Control: A Guide for Teens With Diabetes, 2001

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Facebook/Online Support Groups:

  • Southern Illinois Type 1 Family-parents/families Type 1 diabetics

  • Type 1 Diabetes Support Group-parents, adults, teens

  • Teen Type 1 Support Group-teens

  • P.O.K.E.D. (Parents of Kids Experiencing Diabetes)-parents

  • Southern Illinois Diabetes Awareness Group-information/resources; open group

  • PEP Squad (Diabetes Research Institute)-parents and children

  • Type 1 Diabetic Athletes Group

  • T1 Moms

  • Parents of TypeOne

  • Type 1 Diabetes

  • Women’s Support Group for Type 1 Diabetes

  • Dexcom CGM Users

  • Diabetes Strong Community

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